Before you grab your surfboard and head for the ocean, make sure you are geared up with surf essentials including board shorts, rashguards and wetsuits. Designed for a life on land and in the water, board shorts were born for surfing but look equally as great while playing beach volleyball, hanging out with friends or doing tricks at the skate park. Like board shorts, swim trucks and volleys are designed for the beach, lake and pool and have a slightly shorter length with an elastic waist.


Once you’ve selected your swimwear, pair it with a rashguard, swim shirt or wetsuit for added protection and warmth. Rashguards and surf shirts feature built-in sun protection and as the name suggests, rashguards help protect you from rashes or chafing caused by lying on your surfboard. When the water gets colder, but you still need to surf, wear a wetsuit over your board shorts or swimsuit for added warmth.