OK you caught us, we have a thing for the ocean — and the entire planet, in fact. That’s why we’re big on sustainable practices. Here are the ways we’re keeping it green for the big blue.

surfers about to jump off boat into ocean

When it comes to our wetsuits, we replaced petrochemicals with earth-mined limestone; our liners and stretch tape are dyed using a special process that saves water, reduces energy consumption and avoids excess water pollution; and our carbon black, a key ingredient in neoprene is now created from scrapped car tires limiting co2 emission by 200 grams per wetsuit.

swimmer in one piece swimsuit

Rock Phantom boardshorts knowing that they’re made using recycled P.E.T. plastic bottles, effectively giving them new life beyond the landfill — and making for some very comfortable trunks, might we add.

surfer walking on the rocks with surfboard

And if you’re looking for something that looks great on you and the planet, look no further than our women’s swim offering which is made predominantly from upcycled nylon.

surfer in the ocean

But it’s not all about the product — it’s about how you get it, too. That’s why we’re so stoked to introduce Sustainable Shipping Protection. Choose Sustainable Shipping Protection at checkout to offset 100% of the carbon emissions associated with your order. Yep, all of it. Plus, with Sustainable Shipping Protection, your order will be protected from loss and damages. Say what?!

surfer in the ocean during sunset

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