When it comes to seasons, summer is the GOAT. Change our minds. First off, summer means beach days for, literally, days. And more daylight in our days means spending more time at the beach — which is good news for both your tan and your cutback. On the off chance that we’re not no shoes, no shirt, no problem-ing at our local spot, you can catch us BBQ-ing, picnic-ing, and twirling in our newest batch of sundresses.

So all that is good and great, but on top of it, with the warm water, hot days, and cool nights comes a shift in our wardrobes. It’s a time of year when you want to wear as little as possible, your color scheme matches the mood, and everything shows off your tan. Keep scrolling for our fave looks for summer. Themes include: bold graphic tees, colorful shorts, and meow-worthy activewear.

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