Living an active lifestyle goes hand in hand with being obsessed with surfing. That’s why we made the Explore Collection, a lineup of tech-forward activewear that protects you from the elements.

Hybrid materials allow you to go from land to water, with quick drying and super breathable H2O-DRI; think hikes that take you from rocky terrain to beautiful watering holes; a beach workout followed by a dip in the ocean to cool off; or stand up paddling on your body of water of choice.

Our newest collection features hoodies, fleece shorts, and joggers for needed warmth during cool morning workouts and adventures. Pair the Explore Ranger Fleece Pullover Hoodie with the Explore Ranger Fleece — or with the Explore H2O-DRI Outsider Trek II Onshore Jogger for even more coverage.

The Explore Collection also features many styles with UPF for sun protection — with options for more or less coverage. Out on the boat all day fishing? Opt for the Explore H2O-DRI Atticus Fastlane Hooded UPF Long Sleeve T-shirt. Trying to get some vitamin D? Go with the Explore H2O-DRI Everyday Explorer Humanoid Short Sleeve T-shirt.

Long story short, if you like to be outside, you’re gonna love the Explore Collection. Shop now at