Introducing the Hurley X Black Girls Surf Collection, featuring functional swimwear and easy looks to get you to and from your surf.

As an avid surfer and woman of color, when Rhonda Harper paddled out, she couldn't help but notice the lack of representation in the water. It was this realization that lead her to start Black Girls Surf, a non-profit that supports girls and women with dreams of competing at the professional level. Through fundraising, her international non-profit has been able to send athletes to training facilities where they work with world-class surf coaches, ensuring they are prepared for the competitive landscape.

As partners, our goal is to amplify the mission of Black Girls Surf, accelerating the vision of more diverse lineups and contests around the world.

In honor of our exciting and meaningful collaboration, we've launched a line of surf and beach ready looks, including in-water performance leggings and electric bikes. The best part? Proceeds from the collection go towards supporting Black Girls Surf as, together, we amplify the #solidarityinsurf movement. We look forward to hosting more joint events, co-sponsoring athletes, and arming young black athletes with the resources they need to make it to the professional level.

Shop the collection, which features functional swimwear and easy looks to get you to and from your surf here.