Keeping in tune with the rest of the Hurley campus, the Hurley Studios are a place to have fun and get inspired. The well-equipped space has played host to many young artists and groups, giving them a place to experiment with their sound, record and get excited. On top of up-and-coming acts, bands like Weezer, NOFX and Alkaline Trio have recorded parts or entire albums in the Hurley Studios.

In continuing to tell the stories that happen in the recording studio, we present The Making of The Ocean of the Sky, which features behind-the-scenes footage of The Used in the Hurley Studios as they complete their latest EP, "The Ocean of the Sky." To sweeten the deal, the mini-documentary was filmed and edited by Dogtown documentarian and skate world legend, Craig Stecyk - making it a perfect collision of culture, sound and eras.

It ranked in the top 20 on Billboard's Alternative chart, but chart-topping success wasn't what The Used set out to do with the release of their EP, The Ocean of the Sky. Singer Bert McCracken said, "The Used want to save the world," and with the help of The Ocean of the Sky, "establish abolishment of class system hierarchy between artist and patron; an EP with a deep message; written by the people, for the people, with a conscience hope for a brighter future." Inspired? Get The Used's latest EP on iTunes here.